Repair and charging stations for bicycles and e-bikes

The Clorofilla project was born in 2019 from an idea of ​​Lorenzo and Bruno Buratti, owners of Buratti Meccanica srl, combining their technical skills and passion for two wheels.

Presented at Eurobike 2019 in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the Clorofilla e-bike assistance and charging columns won the Design & Innovation Award 2020 for the Tourism category. Requests and sellings start pretty fast all over Europe!

Equipped with every useful tool for emergency maintenance, the Clorofilla bike stations are suitable for cycle paths, hotels, farmhouses, mountain shelters and as street furnitures. Their shape remind of a tree, where each branch has its own technical function. Today there are four versions: Clorofilla Power, Clorofilla Basic, Clorofilla Spot and Clorofilla Trail.

The project was then extended by addressing cycle workshops and mechanics, with the introduction of the Sequoia lifter in 2021, intercepting the need to work with increasingly heavier e-bikes.

– the Liana rack, available in two models, can accommodate four or seven bicycles and is an ideal solution for bars, hotels, restaurants and shops for cyclists. In 2022 Clorofilla also grows in the field of street furnitures:
– the Savana line consists of a bikestation repair stand and a bench in Okumè wood, which integrate perfectly into the environment and create service and rest areas for cyclists.

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